Life at Croton Manor

Our goal is to help residents stay active and involved, while supporting independence for as long as possible.

Whether you’re a senior looking for a short-term stay or you’d like to settle down with us for good, we offer a wide range of services to manage the challenges and promote the joy of retired living in Sarasota.

Croton Manor is accepting residents despite the Covid-19 challenge. To be accepted, we require an 1823 (Physicians order with clearance for admission) and we will do the rest. The move can be temporary in order to provide housing for those who should not be alone or need to leave their current residence. For example, for someone leaving the hospital, rehab facility or who needs in-home care and unable to receive it.

If you or your loved one are not ready for an Assisted Living Facility, you may be interested in our sister company: A Bridge for Independence, a companion/homemaking company.

Who We Are

Owned/Operated by Kimberly Stanford: Registered Nurse, Bachelor in Business Administration, Qualified Mental Health Professional and Award Winning Professional.

We are a unique 6 bed, 5 bath assisted living facility. All of our rooms are private and ADA approved. We have a homestyle living environment. The dining room table is where we gather to enjoy our homemade meals.

We are located in Central Sarasota near Beneva/Webber intersection. We have gorgeous outdoor sitting areas surrounded by beautiful landscape. We have a pool for exercises and an outdoor walking path.

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Croton Manor Assisted Living Facility

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2512 Croton Avenue Sarasota, FL 34239

Office Hours 9am-6pm (Daily)

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We Listen

Everyone ages. It is an inherent property of life. As our bodies and minds develop over time, we adapt to these changes by modifying our decisions and actions. The later years of life can be especially challenging, but Croton Manor is here to help.

At Croton Manor, we listen to the needs of our residents in order to understand their limitations and discuss potential solutions. We work with our residents to customize options that will help them lead the lives they want.

Unique 6 bed assisted living facility with gorgeous outdoor sitting areas and walking paths. Kimberly S.

We Have Fun

Throughout the year, we provide our residents with Seasonal Parties and Outdoor Barbecues. We celebrate Birthdays and Major Holidays to make sure there’s always something exciting to look forward to at Croton Manor.

It’s just one of the things that sets our Assisted Living Facility apart from the rest. We’re passionate about providing opportunities for our residents to make new memories and friends while enjoying their home.

“Old age: the crown of life, our play’s last act”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Medication Monitoring

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they may no longer be able to take care of themselves. Nature calls for the families of each individual to take care of them, just as they were cared for when they were young.

Unfortunately, careers and other matters of modern life can often make this a difficult task. Croton Manor provides the support that retirees and their families require, including Medication Monitoring services, which we are more than happy to offer.

FALF License #: ALFAL8427